Michael Makowski and Best Mulch, Inc.

Family Owned & Operated in Southeastern Pennsylvania for Over 30 Years

From Season to Season, Year After Year

Homeowners, landscapers, contractors, and property managers in Southeastern Pennsylvania rely on us for the supplies and services that beautify their landscapes from season to season, year after year.

Michael Makowski and the experts at Best Mulch are happy to share their knowledge and help you choose the mulch and other materials that are best for your property needs.

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March 15 - June 30:
Monday - Friday
7AM - 5PM
7AM - 3PM

July 1 - March 14:
Monday - Friday
8AM - 4PM
Saturdays by appointment only

WINTER STORM HOURS: (Call For Appointment)
from as early as
5AM - 11PM

We require a phone call in advance to set up appointments outside of normal business hours.